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Unlock the doors to extraordinary love with 7 Figure Matchmaker. Are you a high achiever who has conquered the business world but struggles to find a partner who understands your unique lifestyle? Look no further. Our elite services cater to individuals who have achieved exceptional success and are now ready to experience profound connections on a personal level.

7 Figure Matchmaker is designed to curate a handpicked selection of exceptional matches who align with your values, ambitions, and desires. We go beyond superficial criteria to delve into the nuances of compatibility, ensuring that each introduction holds the potential for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

Complementing our matchmaking expertise, our team of experienced relationship/dating coaches provides personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of modern dating. Whether you need assistance with online profiles, communication strategies, or enhancing your self-confidence, our expert coaches are dedicated to empowering you on your journey towards finding lasting love.

With 7 Figure Matchmaker, you gain access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who understand the demands of success and share your aspirations for a remarkable partnership. We provide a confidential and discerning environment where you can connect with extraordinary individuals who appreciate your achievements and are ready to embark on a journey of love with someone exceptional like you.

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Phina Brown

Certified matchmaker and Relationship/dating coach

Meet The Founder

Phina Brown

Phina Brown is a certified matchmaker, relationship expert, and dating coach committed to helping individuals find lasting love and build meaningful connections. With extensive training and certifications, Phina has become a trusted authority in the realm of matchmaking and relationship guidance.

Through her holistic approach, Phina combines practical strategies, emotional support, and personalized guidance tailored to each client’s unique needs. She is committed to continuously expanding her knowledge and refining her skills to deliver the best possible guidance to clients.

In addition to matchmaking, Phina serves as a knowledgeable and compassionate relationship and dating coach.  She believes in empowering clients to overcome obstacles, develop self-confidence, and enhance their dating skills. Through personalized coaching sessions,  Phina equips clients with valuable insights, practical strategies, and support to navigate the dating world and foster healthy and fulfilling relationships.

By creating a safe space, Phina encourages clients to open up, share their vulnerabilities, and gain insights into their dating experiences. She provides practical tools and exercises to help clients overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and enhance their dating skills. With her empathetic and non-judgmental approach, Phina supports clients in exploring their own preferences, values, and relationship goals.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey towards finding love and building a lasting relationship, Phina is here to guide you. With her comprehensive understanding of human connections, personalized coaching, and a vast network of potential matches, Phina is committed to helping you find a partner who truly complements your life and shares your vision for a fulfilling future. Discover the joys of a meaningful relationship and let Phina be your trusted ally on this exciting path to love.

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